Molecular Spectroscopy Group

Overview of the GSM Laboratory

For more than 50 years, the GSM team has stood out by its research topics undertaken in France and with international collaborators

GSM integrates three main activities: advanced research in the field of physical chemistry and vibrational spectroscopy, one of the most important platforms for vibrational spectroscopy in France integrating work-house IR and Raman spectrometers, flagship developments and large scale facilities expertise (SIV platform gathers more than 20 unique equipments) and the service of analysis and training in IR and Raman spectroscopies (SAFIRR transfer agency) ensuring a technology transfer and an important link with the industrial world.

  • More than 1100 published articles since its foundation
  • 4 main research topics and 2 technological platforms
  • Pioneer in branches of molecular spectroscopy

Bringing light to technical and technological developments in molecular science.

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Functional materials & surfaces

Spectroscopy for original multifunctional materials or surfaces at scales from the molecule to materials, including nano systems and the micrometric structuring of surface properties.

Sustainable chemistry & energy

“Extreme" conditions, in situ and operando spectroscopy for investigating fluids and materials relevant in sustainable chemistry and energy.

Natural systems & environment

Innovative vibrational spectroscopy-based devices for understanding physical and chemical processes occurring in natural systems and environment.

Instrumental developments & technology transfer

Multiscale methodologies, experimental devices and prototype instruments for the spectrocopy investigations of materials, interfaces, nanomaterials and molecules.

SIV Platform | Vibrational Imaging and Spectroscopy

The SIV platform provides students and researchers from the academic and industrial sectors with high-level instruments for innovative research and training on the most up-to-date spectroscopic methods.

SAFIRR Services | Technology transfer

SAFIRR was created to respond to the need for expertise and analysis requiring sophisticated setups and skills not available to industry.