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E. Boivin, R. David, J.N. Chotard, T. Bamine, A. Iadecola, L. Bourgeois, E. Suard, F. Fauth, D. Carlier, C. Masquelier, L. Croguennec, LiVPO4F1−yOy Tavorite-Type Compositions: Influence of the Concentration of Vanadyl-Type Defects on the Structure and Electrochemical Performance, Chem. Mater., 30, 5682 (2018).

D. Talaga, W. Smeralda, L. Lescos, J. Hunel, N. Lepejova-Caudy, C. Cullin, S. Bonhommeau, S. Lecomte. PIP2 phospholipid-induced aggregation of Tau filaments probed by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 57:15738-15742, 2018.

P. Ivaskovic, A. Yamada, J. Elezgaray, D. Talaga, S. Bonhommeau, M. Blanchard-Desce, R.A.L. Vallée, S. Ravaine. Spectral dependence of plasmon-enhanced fluorescence in a hollow nanotriangle assembled by DNA origami: towards plasmon assisted energy transfer. Nanoscale 10 : 16568-16573, 2018.

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V. Dappe, G. Uzu, E. Schreck, Li Wu, Xue Li, M. Moreau, B. Hanoune, C. Dumat, Chul-Un Ro, S. Sobanska, Single-particle analysis of industrial emissions brings new insights for health risk assessment of PM. Atmospheric Pollution Research – in press

S. Blotevogel, P. Oliva, S. Sobanska, J. Viers, H. Vezin, S. Audry, J. Prunier, J. Darrozes, L. Orgogozo, P. Courjault-Radé, E. Schreck, The fate of Cu pesticides in vineyard soils: A case study using δ65Cu isotope ratios and EPR analysis. Chemical Geology, 477: 35-46, 2018.

D. Siepka, G. Uzu, E. Stefaniak, S. Sobanska. Combining Raman microspectrometry and chemometrics for determining quantitative molecular composition and mixing state of atmospheric aerosol. Microchemical Journal. 137: 119-130, 2018

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C. Petuya, F. Damay, B. Chazallon, J.L. Bruneel, A. Desmedt. Guest Partitioning and Metastability of the Nitrogen Gas Hydrate. J. Phys. Chem. C 122(1) (2018) 566 –573


E. Boivin, J.-N. Chotard, T. Bamine, D. Carlier, P. Serras, V. Palomares, T. Rojo, A. Iadecola, L. Dupont, L. Bourgeois, F. Fauth, C. Masquelier, L. Croguennec, Vanadyl-type defects in Tavorite-like NaVPO4F: from the average long range structure to local environments, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, 25044 (2017).

Dussauze, M., Lepicard, A., Bondu, F., Adamietz F., Rodrifuez V.,, Cardinal, T., Fargin, E., Thermal poling of glasses: Micro-structuring and multi-functionality | [Le poling thermique des verres Microstructuration et multifonctionnalité] , Actualite Chimique, 424, (2017), 35

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Gestraud, C., Glorieux, B., Massera, J., Petit, L., Fargues, A., Dussauze, M., Cardinal, T., Hupa, L.,”Effect of partial crystallization on the structural and Er3+ luminescence properties of phosphate-based glasses” Optical Materials, 64, 1, 2017, 230-238

Skopak, T., Hee, P., Ledemi, Y., Dussauze, M., Kroeker, S., Cardinal, T., Fargin, E., Messaddeq, Y., “Mixture experimental design applied to gallium-rich GaO3/2-GeO2-NaO1/2 glasses”, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 455, 1, 2017, 83-89

Pfiffer, M., Cormont, P., Fargin, E., Bousquet, B., Dussauze, M., Lambert, S., Néauport, J., “Effects of deep wet etching in HF/HNO3 and KOH solutions on the laser damage resistance and surface quality of fused silica optics at 351 nm”, Optics Express, 25, 5, 2017, 4607-4620

Pfiffer, M., Longuet, J.-L., Labrugère, C., Fargin, E., Bousquet, B., Dussauze, M., Lambert, S., Cormont, P., Néauport, J., Johnson, D.W., “Characterization of the Polishing-Induced Contamination of Fused Silica Optics”, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 100, 1, 2017, 96-107

Y. A. Tobon, S. Seng, A. L. Picone, Y. B. Bava, L. C. Juncal, M. Moreau, R. M. Romano, J. Barbillat, and S. Sobanska. Photochemistry of unique atmospheric particle using acoustic levitation technique coupled with Raman microspectrometry,Journal of Raman Spectroscopy. 48 (8): 1135-1137, 2017.

Y. Bava, L. Tamone,L. Juncal, S. Seng, Y. Tobon, S. Sobanska, A. Picone,R. Romano. Gas-phase and Matrix-isolation Photochemistry of Methyl Thioglycolate, CH3OC(O)CH2SH: Influence of the Presence of Molecular Oxygen in the Photochemical Mechanisms. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry. 344: 101-107, 2017.

T.T. Xiong, S. Sobanska, V. Dappe, A. Pierart, H. Vezin, E. Schreck, M. Shahid, C. Dumat. Foliar uptake and phytotoxicity of copper oxide nanoparticles and consequences for sustainable urban agricultures Environmental Science and Technology. 51(9): 5242–5251, 2017.

L.C. Juncal, Y. B. Bava, L. M. Tamone, S. Seng, Y. A. Tobón C., S. Sobanska, A. L. Picone, R. M. Romano. Experimental and theoretical investigation on conformational and spectroscopic properties of dimethyl dithiodiglycolate, [CH3OC(O)CH2S]2. Journal of Molecular Structure. 1137: 524-529, 2017.

Y. Bava, L. Tamone, L. Juncal, S. Seng, Y. Tobon, S. Sobanska, A. Picone, R. Romano. Experimental and theoretical IR study of methyl thioglycolate, CH3OC(O)CH2SH, in different phases: evidence of a dimer formation. Journal of Molecular Structure, 1139:160-165, 2017.

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