Functional materials & surfaces

Participants: F. Adamietz, T. Buffeteau, N. Daugey, M. Dussauze, F. Guillaume, J. Hunel, G. Le-Bourdon, V. Rodriguez, L. Servant, D. Talaga

This research work is conducted on both fundamental and applied themes with the help of national and international collaborations. It concerns scales ranging from the molecule to materials, including nano systems and the micrometric structuring of surface properties. The studied functionalities concern optical, magnetic, electrical and chemical properties, leading to the development of original multifunctional materials or surfaces.

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Sustainable chemistry & energy

Participants: L. Bourgeois, T. Buffeteau, Y. Danten, N. Daugey, A. Desmedt, J. Grondin, G. Le-Bourdon, L. Servant, T. Tassaing

This research theme focuses on the understanding of structure and dynamics in "fluid" media and materials that fall within the field of sustainable chemistry and energy. It is based on national and international multidisciplinary collaborations and original instrumental developments in IR/Raman/Neutron spectroscopy ensuring the implementation of samples in "extreme" conditions, in particular for in situ and in operando studies.

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Natural systems & environment

Participants: F. Adamietz, C. Aupetit, S. Bonhommeau, T. Buffeteau, A. Desmedt, F. Guillaume, J. Hunel, G. Le-Bourdon, J. Mascetti, L. Servant, S. Sobanska, D. Talaga

This theme focuses on understanding the physico-chemical mechanisms operating in natural systems of astrochemical, geochemical, atmospheric or biological interest. It relies on state-of-the-art equipment using vibrational spectroscopy coupled with original sample environments developed in the group allowing advanced in situ and/or operando investigations.

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Instrumental developments & technology transfer

Participants: F. Adamietz, C. Aupetit, S. Bonhommeau, J.-L. Bruneel, T. Buffeteau, N. Daugey, A. Desmedt, M. Dussauze, F. Guillaume, G. Le-Bourdon, V. Rodriguez, L. Servant, S. Sobanska, D. Talaga, T. Tassaing

Multiple methodologies and experimental devices are developed in view of providing original spectroscopic tools suitable for the physical-chemistry investigations of materials, interfaces, nanomaterials and molecules. They include original imaging modes, experimental configurations coupling different techniques and various environmental cells as well as improved spectroscopic techniques, patented prototype instruments and novel optical materials.

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SIV Platform

The SIV platform provides students and researchers from the academic and industrial sectors with high-level instruments for innovative research and training on the most up-to-date spectroscopic methods.

Technology transfer

SAFIRR was created to respond to the need for expertise and analysis requiring sophisticated setups and skills not available to industry.