Head of SAFIRR

Caroline Delhaye :



SAFIRR is a technology transfer service attached to the Molecular Spectroscopy Group (GSM) of the Institute of Molecular Science (ISM-UMR 5255) and is managed administratively by ADERA. Its role is to make the link between manufacturers and the laboratory. Through its scientific skills and its high-performance research resources in optical spectroscopy (Infrared, Raman, UV-visible, fluorimetry, etc.), SAFIRR offers services (from simple feasibility studies, to more complex analyzes and completes expertises), the establishment collaborations and/or R&D studies, but also theoretical and/or practical training defined and personalized according to the needs of engineers, technicians and researchers in industrials.

We can respond to problems in many sectors of activity such as pharmacy, cosmetology, petrochemistry, food processing, materials and polymer chemistry and also in the field of cultural heritage.

Some examples of applications: in cosmetology, biomedicine and pharmacology, we can determine the composition of a tablet, a pharmaceutical or cosmetical solution/cream. We also can identify a possible pollution or an interaction of molecules with biological tissues/cells. In the domains of materials, polymers and nanotechnology, we can establish the chemical composition, the pollution, the origin of aging/corrosion and test their optical and physicochemical properties (thermal/electrical conduction) after treatments. In environment and food sectors, we can bring out and identify air pollutants, water or food contaminants and various changes in products. Finally, in domain of cultural heritage, gemology and mineralogy, we can identify gems and pigments in order to authenticate, date and verify the provenance of cultural objects.

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